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June 15, 2012
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Lady Avengers by CircusMayer Lady Avengers by CircusMayer
just a practice……at first.

(I'm sooooooooooo sleepy……I've finished my school works today,I can do anything what I want since tomorrow!!!
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I don't quite understand how Lady Thor's outfit would work, but the rest are absolutely perfect.
SlythxGryffi Apr 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
nikolai romanov?????
AyaHida Mar 26, 2014  New member
Genderbend Cap and Black Widow so cool! 
WhatItMeansToBeHuman Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am starting to drool for Black Widow...

Also, Iron Man is beyond cool.

They're all so pretty ; v ;
why hello there Mr Romanoff
dark92side Mar 3, 2014  New member
Romanoff you are killing me!!!
=O Nathan Romanoff so handsome! >3
I don't know how you do that... But you summup my entire vision of the character! And your genderbend is not like other -I just don't know how to express that.

-Captain is tall, athletique and quite attractive but he don't care about himself, he just fight for a better world. He/ She could be on magasins, on films; but no, S/he just want a justice. Look at her hair, her suit; I feel it.
-Tony Stark (named Natasha in the comics; he we cn just call her... Toniette? Antonia? I don't know)  the most remarquable; Other genderbend usually just but a sexy armor on big boobs, but you draw her like THAT, because that summup what he is: a builder. A damn sexy  mecano. That's... that's her. It's perfect.
-Thor and Loki: Strangely you don't draw a provocative suit for Iron man, but you draw one for Asgardian. And more I think about that, more I find it brilliant. You design their suit after Asgardian patern, so basically an Epic - North European legend - Fantasy - invention, and girl's suit are totally like that. Also, I love the difference between Thor and Loki, and I'm SO HAPPY you create a black costume for Loki! Not green, but black. You could add some godl-thing, but basically is megnificent.
- Hulk :Weeeeell... That's Hulk. Green, gig, messy hair and strong -not only athletic, but strong. Only muscles. Perfect, so.
-Hawkeye : OH GOD I LOVE HER. She is just... a lonely fighting girl. Provocative. Not really handome or beautiful (even if she is so adooorable here), but just... a Soldier. An agent. A spy if you want. She does her job, she is good at it, and if she is not very friendly, she is sarcastic and can be very loyal. Wow. I really don't know if you really have express all that in a draw or if this is just in my mind.
-Agent Romanof: THE WAY YOU DRAW HIM ! Cool hair, judging eyes to know if you are a good fighter, that pose, and that suit just as sexy as the film one. just... just fucking perfect. And I've looking for good genderbend, and believe me, this is the ONLY Male Romanoff which I love. Or even like. But I love yours.

Sooooooo, basically, I love you. :)
oooohh woof . . . gender bend Agent Romanoff looks hot!!!Nosebleed 
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